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Review: The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak

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Young adult novels about falling in love can so scratch a fantasy itch that a woman just doesn’t outgrow. Yes, The Heartbreakers, by Ali Novak, could be considered a little predictable or cheesy, but that’s part of the fun. It’s the characters and the plot that draw us in, and this corny love story is enough to keep you turning pages.

Cara, Stella’s sister, is a die-hard Heartbreakers fan. In and out of the hospital with cancer, she believes she’ll die before ever getting to see them in concert. Stella, and her brother Drew, set out to make this Cara’s best birthday ever by standing in line for hours with screaming fans just to get her an autographed CD.

On their way to the signing, at a last minute coffee stop, Stella meets a cutie with a nice bod and a dimpled smile. Little does she know, it’s Oliver Perry, lead singer for The Heartbreakers. The kicker? Stella can’t stand The Heartbreakers’ tunes, and even ends up insulting the group.

But then, a quick twist of fate puts Stella on the road with the band, and on the road to true love. The ups and downs of her relationship with Oliver definitely won’t shock you, but they’ll keep you entertained. Novak’s overall writing style is more down-to-earth than polished, but thankfully much better than some of the YA books I’ve read.

Bottom line – It’s got a cute love story, engaging-enough characters, and a standard feel-good ending. I’d recommend it to my high school students for sure (mainly the girls).

*Note – I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley. This is my honest review.



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